The Waterside Towers Residents Association (WTRA), a leading tenant associations in the District, has awarded TENAC a $1,000 grant in recognition of its outstanding advocacy role for tenants. The award was given in memory of Dr. Pearl Wisham Perry, a long-time resident and officer at Waterside, an outstanding figure in DC and a founding member of TENAC.

Tyrone Ron Jackson, President of WRTA, cited TENAC’s work over the years, especially its forceful advocacy for rent control, affordable housing and tenant rights, noting several of TENAC’s landmark achievements, including:

– Successful advocacy for an independent DC tenant agency – the Office of Tenant Advocate (OTA), and the appointment of its director, Johanna Shreve.

– Successful campaign against the fraudulent “95-5” landlord scheme to retain control of rental buildings after their ostensible “sale.”

– Successful advocacy to extend Rent Control Renewal from 5 to 10 years.

Also cited was TENAC’s major current goal of eliminating the “plus 2 percent” from the annual DC rent increase formula. TENAC considers the landlord “Market Rate Rent” mantra to be unfair, making the city unaffordable and driving poor people from it.

Courtesy of the DC Tenants’ Advocacy Coalition

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