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Rachel Reilly Carroll:

Rachel Reilly Carroll was sworn in as ANC Commissioner for Single Member District 6D 03 on December 2nd at Tommy Wells’ 7th Annual Livable/Walkable Awards. As 6D 03 Commissioner, Rachel represents residents living in Potomac Place Tower, Potomac Place Condominiums, Capitol Park Towers, and portions of Greenleaf Gardens and Capitol Park Condominiums.

Rachel is the Manager of Investor and Borrower Relations at the Institute for Community Economics (ICE) at the National Housing Trust. ICE is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) loan fund that provides financing for the preservation and creation of affordable housing in DC and nationally. She has a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Maryland, College Park and is a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP).

Prior to her current position, Rachel worked at a number of affordable housing organizations including Enterprise Community Partners and Habitat for Humanity, and served for two years as an AmeriCorps member. Rachel is a member of the Jubilee Housing Support Alliance Board, and actively participates in the local Half Street Market initiative. She and her husband James met while serving in AmeriCorps, and are homeowners at Potomac Place Tower.

When looking to purchase their first home, Rachel and James knew that they wanted to do so in the Southwest neighborhood. They were attracted to Southwest because of its strong sense of community and access to amenities, including the waterfront, green spaces, and the museums on the National Mall. They also saw the potential for Southwest to grow, and that is why Rachel chose to serve as an ANC Commissioner. With all of the new development that is proposed for the community, Rachel has an inherent interest in ensuring that these new amenities are added to the neighborhood in a thoughtful way that is respectful of the existing community. Rachel and James hope to start their family in Southwest, and both are excited about working with the community.

Sam Marrero:

As Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 6D 01 Sam will continue to place emphasis on educational, environmental, and public transportation initiatives in 6D 01. Sam was elected to the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly in March 2013, and served as the SWNA Vice President and District 1 Representative.

In addition to strong pride for his community, Sam has a deep interest in urban planning and looks forward to working with DC government agencies, the SW BID, and interested investors and developers to produce a Southwest and L’Enfant Plaza community that best serves current and future SW residents of all ages and races. Sam has given time and energy towards physical upkeep and fundraising efforts for the Southwest Duck Pond. Sam helped manage the installation of the Southwest Community Gardens in Lansburgh Park, and currently manages the Southwest Community Gardens website, www.swgardens.org. Sam regularly publishes thought-provoking interviews and articles that advocate for his initiatives (see: “Save the 74!” and Q&A’s with Steve Moore, executive director of future SW BID, and Ian Callendar, Blind Whino Director) in The Southwester. Sam is an avid gardener and cyclist.

Sam works on Fort McNair at National Defense University, where he serves as Aide to U.S. Ambassador Wanda Nesbitt, the Resident Ambassador of National Defense University (NDU). Keeping with his commitment to the success of neighborhood schools, Sam leads a group of 25 military officers and federal government professionals to Amidon-Bowen Elementary for a weekly reading tutor program for Amidon first-graders. Sam is driven by seeing the human development results possible when neighboring Southwest federal resources are tapped for the benefit of the SW Community.

Sam moved to DC in 2011 after one year in the Middle East (6 months in Egypt and 6 months in Jordan) on the Department of Defense Boren Fellowship, where he researched the economic and political effects of Egypt’s labor unrest and unemployment. Sam’s time in Egypt coincided with the run up to the Arab Spring, after which Sam was evacuated from Egypt and relocated to Jordan. Sam was also in Egypt in the Summer of 2009 on the State Dept’s Critical Language Scholarship. Sam speaks Arabic fluently and also worked as a Research Analyst at NDU researching captured Al-Qaeda archived records. Sam has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Wake Forest University and an MA in Int’l Trade & Security from the Monterey Institute of Int’l Studies. In August 2013, Sam received an Honorable Mention for the Saul Linowitz Federal Service Award for his research work and community initiatives linking NDU and the Southwest community.

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