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On July 1, the Washington Nationals welcomed 12 Southwest children and their parents to meet Denard Span, enjoy the baseball game, and purchase concessions and merchandise through free NatsBucks. The monthly program called “Spans Fans” aims to create memorable experiences for single parent families. During a private meet and greet before the game, Denard – who was raised by his mother, whom he calls every day – draws on his personal experiences to relate to the kids, answering questions and offering guidance for their future.

Washington Nationals centerfielder Denard Span is known for his steady, consistent approach at the plate and his ability to run down any ball that’s hit to the outfield. Off the field, Denard has quietly emerged as a leader in community outreach, particularly interested in connecting with area youth.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Denard the last two seasons on initiatives that have helped him – and the Nationals – make a lasting impact on our communities,” said Shawn Bertani, senior director of community relations for the team. “His authentic generosity has made him a distinctive ambassador for youth throughout the region.”

“The kids will be much older before they can understand the class and discipline that Mr. Span displayed,” one parent wrote to the team following a recent event. “What they did immediately get was that this man was a friend who listened, heard, and gave back a genuine, candid, and caring response.”

Thanks to the Washington Nationals and Denard Span for providing this great opportunity to families in Southwest!

By: Rachel Reilly Carroll, ANC 6D03 Commissioner

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