After almost four years of the Near SE/SW Community Benefits Coordinating Council’s (CBCC) planning, fundraising, and advocacy, construction fencing appeared around the 3rd and I Street SW Library Park on Monday, June 30th. Department of General Services-certified contractor HRGM began tree removal and pruning as part of phase one of a two-phase project.

The first phase will focus primarily on the center berm and will include:

  • Tree pruning and removal;
  • Earthwork and grading;
  • Installation of 2-foot-high retainer walls along the center berm area;
  • Installation of fencing along I Street SW and the corners of the center berm;
  • Installation of Game Time playground equipment for ages two to five (butterfly, slide, mushrooms, spinning leaves);
  • Installation of soft surfacing;
  • Installation of a swing set one bucket, one ADA, and two belts); and
  • Utilities work, including relocation of a light.

The completion of this phase should take approximately eight weeks. The park is expected to reopen in late August.

Phase two of the project will include storm water retention, remainder of retention walls, and repaving and scoring of the concrete. This second phase will require additional funding in the amount of $270,000 that was not placed in the 2015 budget, despite the CBCC’s request. We need each reader to please contact the offices of Councilmembers Tommy Wells ( and Mary Cheh ( to demand this final funding for the 3rd and I Street Park so we may complete the second phase and finish this project.

On behalf of the CBCC, we want to express our sincere appreciation to our private donors, our volunteers, and the entire community for your encouragement, patience, and continued advocacy.

By: Felicia Couts

Project Manager

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