Feb. 8, 2015 was St. Augustine’s annual meeting, at which the 1965 time capsule that was recovered from the cornerstone of the church when it was demolished a few months ago was opened.
Photos courtesy of Perry Klein.
Photo caption: Neal Peirce, founding president of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, holding the “Southwest Guide,” which was published jointly by SWNA and the Southwest Community Council and recovered from the 1965 time capsule.  It contained information on the history of Old Southwest and Urban Renewal, and listed information on community organizations, schools, churches, shopping facilities, and other useful information.
Photo caption: A cup, saucer, spoon, and menu from Hogate’s Sea Food Restaurant. St. Augustine’s held services at Hogate’s while the church building was being built.
Photo caption: Hogate’s dinner menu for Sept. 18, 1965. What’s interesting? The prices, of course! A vodka collins for 75 cents. Other beverages for 15 cents. Clam chowder or snapper soup for 75 cents. A complete dinner for between $2.60 and $3.35, including Hogate’s famous rum buns.

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