Candidate for District 4

I have been a Southwest resident since 1992. During that time, I have been involved with James Creek Dwelling where I live, including serving as secretary of the Resident Council from 1996-2008 and volunteering to help returning citizens with their community service and employment efforts. I also served on the board of the United Planning Organization (UPO). In 1995, the Resident Council partnered with DC Housing Authority and The Community Partnership for The Homeless. As the program coordinator for over three years, I organized both job and health fairs, arranged job interviews, coordinated GED preparation, and signed up seniors and physically-challenged residents for Metro Access. The program enabled me to help meet the needs and provide services for dozens of James Creek residents. In 1999, I served as a construction site clerk for Manna, Inc. and was successful in encouraging subcontractors to hire more than 25 residents in different types of construction positions with the Syphax single family homes and condos. Currently, I am still volunteering with the Resident Council in helping to provide resources and services which meet the needs of the residents and believe that as a board member of the Assembly, I would work together with the leadership of the various housing complexes in District 4 to help ensure that the Assembly”s mission is carried out on a broader level.

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