Photo caption: Oliver Guarjardo, sixth grade.



Photo caption: Makiyah Hicks, sixth grade.



Photo caption: Kasmira Fudge, eighth grade.



Photo caption: Jade Ferguson, seventh grade.



Photo caption: Isaiah Lattimore, eighth grade.

Photos courtesy of Hope Witherspoon of Jefferson Academy.

Robotics is an after-school activity at Jefferson Academy Middle School. This class uses legos to strengthen your creativity and analytical skills. During my first day attending the class, we built battle drones. The two instructors were showing us a model that would inspire us to create our own battle drone. I really like the robotics class because it allows us to express ourselves through building and it displays our creativity.

During robotics class students are always engaged in creating their inventions while music plays in the background. Our instructor Mr. Doug plays music because he says that it stimulates our mind and opens it up more. The music that he plays is instrumental and it relaxes us as we create our designs. I really enjoy robotics and, like our other instructor Mr. Fonz said, robotics is about opening your mind to the different things that you want to do in life.

I believe that robotics is a great after-school activity for students to have fun while creating something awesome!

By: Reese Pauling

Jefferson Academy Middle School student

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