Photo caption: Ladies enjoying a night out on the town in Southwest.

Whoever says there is nothing fun to do in Southwest clearly has never met my group of friends. Between a first-class theater, multiple restaurants, and the waterfront all within blocks of each other, there are limitless options for young neighborhood residents to entertain themselves.

One recent fall evening some of my girlfriends and I were treated to a very special occasion, complete with a mailed invitation, a mouth-watering home-cooked meal, and a show at Arena Stage. The night was billed as “Akeelah and the City” and involved dinner and a night out to the theater that would have made the four stars of “Sex and the City” proud.

The ladies met at a friend’s house in the neighborhood, dressed in our classiest attire. We enjoyed cheese, wine, and music while our friend’s devoted husband finished preparing a decadent dinner. We eventually sat down to enjoy what I can honestly say is one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The oxtail ragù had been simmering away in the sous vide since the previous afternoon, and was presented atop a bed of flavorful risotto.

Following dinner we ladies headed over to Arena Stage to see Akeelah and the Bee and enjoy a hilarious yet touching show. The play is a heart-warming tale of a girl with a natural skill for spelling who overcomes unfortunate circumstances to follow her passion. With the help of her mentor, she cultivates her talent, ultimately making it to the national spelling bee. Whether she wins or not is not my ending to spoil, but I was left with a feeling of hope as the actors took their final bows and danced their way offstage.

After indulging post-show desserts courtesy of Arena Stage, it was time to head home. Walking through the streets as we made our way home, we chatted about what a lovely evening it had been. Food, wine, good company, and the theater; nights like these should be cherished and remembered. And we never even left the neighborhood! Who needs Broadway when you can enjoy such a fine evening right here in Southwest?!

By: Julia Cole

Copy Editor, The Southwester

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