The January PSA meeting took place on Wednesday, Jan. 18. Lt. Darnel Robinson ( and Officer Charles (CJ) Smith represented the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) at the meeting. Eleven community members were in attendance.

Update on Neighborhood Criminal Activity

Lt. Robinson started the meeting by talking about his diverse 13 years of experience with MPD, including several years in the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division. He then introduced Officer Smith and noted that they had worked together a few times in the past. He said that he would like to know what is happening in 105 and subscribes to the broken window theory of law enforcement in which general disorderly conduct (e.g., broken windows) can generate or sustain more serious crimes.

He also noted that the time period in which crime tends to occur in 105 is 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


In early January, MPD announced that it was implementing a sector policing strategy. The First District was split into sectors and 105 is in sector #3. Three lieutenants will be handling 105 and 106 (Navy Yard) each day, one per shift. Lt. Robinson will be handling one of the shifts. He hopes to invite and bring the other two lieutenants to the Feb. 15 PSA meeting. More detail on the sector system is available on the MPD website.

Crime Statistics

The following crime statistics were pulled from for the time parameter Dec. 14, 2016 to Jan. 17, 2017. More detail is on

First District Summary

The First District saw a small decrease in violent crime (55 last month, 49 this 30-day period) over the last 30 days. Theft from auto crimes remain an issue.  Burglaries decreased from 18 to 10.

PSA 105

Assault with Dangerous Weapon


2 cases with a gun (unchanged over last period)

3 cases with another type of weapon (4 last period)




2 robberies without a gun (3 last period)

1 robbery with a gun (0 last period)

Theft From Auto 18 thefts recorded in last period but 19 in this period
Burglaries 0 cases this period but 5 reported cases last period


New Residents from other Housing Units

One attendee asked whether the officers knew about the anticipated new influx of residents from other housing units and whether they had arrived already. The officers responded that they were unaware of a large influx soon but that one individual had moved into Greenleaf and was acclimating fine.

Assistance from Housing Authority Police

Another attendee asked whether Housing Authority police could assist MPD with investigations and arrests in their area. Lt. Robinson noted that they do assist with arrests and revoke housing certificates.


Several attendees asked the lieutenant about the recent attack of a guard at CVS and asked why it seems to be a problem area. Lt. Robinson noted that the guards are unable to make arrests and need to call MPD when crimes occur. Safeway brought in armed special police and they have noted a reduction in theft. One MPD detective has been assigned to cover the thefts at CVS.

The meeting ended early because of a call for service.


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