Last week, I was able to hang a new DC flag on my front porch. Don’t worry, as a councilmember, I had one already. But now, I was proudly hanging a DC flag that had flown on the John A. Wilson Building’s flagpole earlier this year.

I was proud to help shepherd through legislation to create the Commemorative DC Flag Program to give residents the chance to purchase a flag that has flown at their capitol building last year. And now, the program is up and running!

To me, this was an important step to take in the ongoing push for DC to be recognized as the 51st state. This is a service common across other states and I wanted to see us acting the part.

The program is administered through the Council’s Office of the Secretary and now accepts online payment with a credit card. You can choose a 3×5- or 4×6-sized flag and your order comes with a certificate for the day it was flown as well as information on the history of our flag. You can have it flown to honor someone special or request a specific day that might be special to your family or your own DC story.

To learn more or order your own flag, visit:

By: Charles Allen

Ward 6 Councilmember

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