Southwest’s Amidon-Bowen Elementary School added another first place trophy to its collection! The Amidon-Bowen Cheerleading Team placed first for the second year in a row in their division at the DCIAA cheerleading competition on March 3. Not only did they win first place, but they scored higher than all the middle and high schools in their novice division, and they won the DCIAA Grand Champion award. From great facial expressions and their hard work and dedication all season, the cheerleaders turned it up a notch and gave us a higher level performance displaying a high-energy routine for all to enjoy. Their hard work leading up to the competition was certainly evident on the floor as they competed at Howard University.

The team consists of 13 girls, all fourth and fifth graders. They practiced four days a week including weekend practices to prepare for the competition. The team is led by Head Coach Christina Shelton and Assistant Coaches Jenn Kordell and Asia Goode who are full-time employees at the school and volunteer after school to coach the cheerleading team. Ms. Shelton has been coaching cheerleading at Amidon-Bowen for five years and this is her second consecutive first place win with the team.

“I cannot display how proud I am of these beautiful young ladies! They each individually are very smart and talented where each brings their own personality on the floor. Last year I mentioned that we cannot wait to defend our title and we made that happen. We look forward for everyone to see what Amidon has to offer next year!” Ms. Shelton said.

The team has continued to make appearances, such as this year’s Emancipation Day parade! The team will also focus on fundraising efforts to help expand their team and to compete in external cheerleading competitions next year. To support the cheerleading team, please contact Ms. Shelton at

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