On Jan. 18, Westminster DC at 4th and I St., SW entered its 20th year of providing an affordable, community-based showcase for the best in DC jazz every Friday. In honor of this historic milestone in the church’s community service, the weekly, 11 a.m. Sunday worship will feature jazz, blues and other great musical artists to inspire our spiritual life for all of 2019. In addition, the public is now invited to start the morning in the church dining hall with a hot breakfast buffet and Pop-Up Bakery with delicious muffins, cakes, rolls and other treats for sale. The breakfast is served from 10-11 a.m., and a little earlier for those attending Resistance Bible Study at 10 a.m. The Pop-Up Bakery is open from 10-12:15. On Saturday, March 2, Westminster will host a Community Bustin’ Loose Go-Go Party for all ages. These programs and many more reflect the church’s new motto: “Building Rhythm Together for Christ’s Love.” Revs. Ruth and Brian Hamilton begin their 23rd year as Co-Pastors and thank SW for its support of Westminster Church, a community institution since 1853.

By Rev. Ruth W. Hamilton

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