Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW) has selected Balfour Beatty as the first general contractor partner to begin land-side construction of phase two of The Wharf. Balfour Beatty’s role consists of work contracts for all horizontal and public spaces (site work, utilities, hardscape and parks), office buildings in parcels six and seven, and below-grade parking garages. Other elements of the project will be bid at a later date. During phase one of The Wharf, Balfour Beatty was selected to construct 525 Water St., 1000 Maine Ave., the expansion of The Fish Market and Banneker Overlook site redevelopment.

Elinor Bacon, HMW Partner leading The Wharf’s efforts to provide community benefits, said “I am particularly pleased by the selection of Balfour Beatty because of the company’s demonstrated commitment during its work on phase one to the hiring of DC residents and utilizing DC businesses. We look forward to working with them during phase two to meet or exceed phase one accomplishments.”  During phase one, Balfour Beatty and its sub-contractors hired a total of 51 DC residents, equating to 53 percent of the company’s total new hires, and 39 DC apprentices, which was 54 percent of total new apprentices. Balfour Beatty paid a total of $28.4 million in goods and services to DC businesses.

Maria Thompson, Senior Vice President of Construction at PN Hoffman, echoed this sentiment by stating that, “Community engagement is a priority for us, and as such it was part of the criteria for the general contractor selection process. Balfour Beatty demonstrated a proven history of working to support and improve the communities in which it works through volunteerism, local hiring and contracting local businesses.”

With Balfour Beatty on board, HMW is doubling down on its efforts to encourage participation of DC residents and in particular, residents of SW and near SE in all aspects of phase two: construction, apprenticeships, operations and housing. Launching that effort will be a District-wide job fair, sponsored by Councilmembers Charles Allen, Elyssa Silverman and Robert White at Arena Stage on April 17. Balfour Beatty will participate in the job fair, and Wharf property management, hospitality, retailers and restaurants have been invited.

Additionally, in late-summer, Balfour Beatty will have finalized many of its contracts with major sub-contractors, at which time HMW and its partners plan to host a follow-up job fair, focused specifically on construction work and on outreach to residents in SW and near SE. ANC 6D, members of The Wharf Community Benefits Committee, the DC Housing Authority, its Resident Councils and its Family Enhancement Center, the DC Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, the DC Department of Corrections, the Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizen Affairs, Councilmember Allen’s office and others will play a critical role in the planning and outreach for this job fair. The Wharf is also working with the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly Task Force on Workforce Development and Adult Learning, under the leadership of Bruce Levine and Vic Sutton, and the DC Mentoring and Achievement Program, led by LeRoy Potts, Adom Cooper and Alyssa Casey.

By Caroline Crawford

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