Idania Arteaga; Photo Courtesy of SWBID

Southwest DC is “the place to be.” We continue to spotlight the dedicated staff of the SWBID who are focused on making Southwest a clean, safe, vibrant community to live, work, visit and play.

Idania Arteaga is one of the new SWBID employees, having joined the team eight months ago. When asked how she found the job, she shared that she was working at AutoZone and one day, Delante Chloe, the SWBID Special Ops Supervisor featured in the Feb. issue of “The Southwester,” came into the store. She was intrigued by his uniform and asked him about his job. He talked to her about the SWBID and she knew she wanted to work there. The rest is history.

Idania was born in El Salvador but came to America when she was 10 years old. She has lived in DC for most of her life. She attended Columbia Heights Educational Campus and graduated from Trinity Washington University where she majored in criminal justice. Her future goal is to work for the Metropolitan Police Department.

SWBID COO Andre Witt says: “Idania has been a rock solid employee of the BID, and she has been a tremendous help with respect to staff communications. She has proven to be a valuable employee from day one and her ultimate goal is to become a supervisor. We are very fortunate to have her on our team. She is definitely an employee on the rise.”

Idania’s Favorites:

Movie: Netflix’s “Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist”

Music: Loves it all

Sports team: Real Madrid (the Spanish soccer team)

SW spot: The fish market at The Wharf

Best thing about her job: Idania loves the energy of Southwest, being out in the fresh air, watching the cyclists and greeting visitors.

Proudest moment: Becoming a big sister (her little sister is 2 years old!)

Favorite quote: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

So when you’re out and about, be sure to say hello to Idania!

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