Op-Ed: Protect Your Child from Heatstroke

By Andrew Roszak During the week of July 12, a needless tragedy claimed the life of a child in the Nashville-area. After being left alone in a car, a 3-year-old Smyrna boy died of heatstroke. His father was subsequently arrested for aggravated child abuse and neglect. Sadly, this marks the […]

Community Spruces up Titanic Memorial Park

By Donna Hanousek On Friday, July 5, the Friends of the Titanic Memorial Park (Friends) and the National Park Service (NPS) teamed up to weed, prune and plant the mid-century modern Titanic Memorial Park. The Friends also received a great assist from the Wharf DC and SWBID, who cleaned up […]

New Record for DC’s Longest Ice Cream Sundae

By Una Yarsky On Sunday, July 21, Navy Yard’s Ice Cream Jubilee set the city record for the longest ice cream sundae ever made. In honor of National Ice Cream Day, Jubilee employees created a 100-foot sundae that stretched across Yards Park’s newly refurbished sundeck. Jubilee sold 200 tickets to […]

The Changing World We Live In

By Wilma Goldstein If vacations are meant to clear your head, help you relax and open you up to new ideas, plan a staycation next July and attend the Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC) Expo. Several members of SWNA’S Aging in Style Task Force attended GCTC at DC’s Walter Washington […]

DC Institutions Headed to SW

By Southwester Staff Southwest will soon welcome two well-known DC institutions into its neighborhood: The Smithsonian Headquarters, which has been occupying some office space down here for a while, and the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority’s headquarters, known fondly as WMATA. The Smithsonian is moving its headquarters from the iconic […]