By Ava Millstone

Rick Bardach; Courtesy of Author

Last year, in partnership with Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Education and Scholarship Task Force, Community Scholar started a tutoring program at Amidon-Bowen. Tutors have completed training and are now working with students for the second year of this successful program. 

Thank you for all of our neighbors who are tutoring young people at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School this year for their service to the community. This includes our Tutor of the Month: Rick Bardach! Learn more about Rick: 

How long have you lived in SW? 

Over 20 years, I made a good decision moving to SW; I have really enjoyed living in our community.

What do you do in your professional life? 

I worked for the Federal Government and retired from the DC Government’s Dept of Human Services after 27 years. I held a variety of positions – budget & program analyst, Child Protective Services caseworker, supervisor, and manager of social services programs.

What made you get involved in the tutoring program at Amidon-Bowen?  

After retiring, I wanted to spend a lot of my “retired life” helping support the youth in SW. I really enjoy tutoring and mentoring. I had great parents – they made sure I got a high quality education, including attending the colleges of my choice, which resulted in my earning a Masters of Business & Public Administration. I see this program as a way to return the favor to future generations.

Describe your favorite moment so far from the program. 

I have enjoyed many times seeing a child’s eyes light up when they “got it,” meaning understanding something in math and getting the correct answers.

What is one thing you enjoy, appreciate, or respect about your students?  

I love when children have to tell me something (big or small) that they recently experienced.

Why should other SW community members consider joining the program as tutors? 

EVERY child needs tutors in their life!

To learn more about the program or sign up to participate as a volunteer, contact Robert St. Cyr at To make a tax-deductible donation to support the program, visit, search for Southwest Neighborhood Assembly Inc. and select the SWNA Education Task Force as the recipient. You can also write a check to the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, note “Education Fund” in the memo line and mail it to SWNA Attn: Education Fund, PO Box 70131 Washington, DC 20024. 

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