By Southwester Staff 

A reinstallation of the Rubell Museum DC’s inaugural exhibition, What’s Going On that is now on view includes a dozen newly presented artworks. The updates to the initial version of the exhibition includes new paintings, sculptures and mixed media works by leading contemporary artists. 

Newly installed artworks include:

  • Paintings by Nina Chanel Abney, including the monumental diptych Class of 2007, which which portrays Abney, a Black artist, as a blonde officer carrying a gun and her classmates, all white, as Black inmates in prison uniforms, highlighting the striking contrast between educational institutions’ lack of diversity with the disproportionate number of Black men incarcerated in the United States.
  • Mixed media sculptures by Brazilian artist Sonia Gomes, who combines found fabrics and textiles with everyday materials, creating abstract pieces that shed light on the overlooked narratives of Brazilian women and people of color and examine the social inequities and environmental crises plaguing both Brazil and the broader globalized world.
  • Large-scale mixed media canvases by Colombian artist Oscar Murillo that demonstrate the artist’s unique approach to abstraction and experimentation with different materials and mediums.

What’s Going On is on long-term view through Fall 2023 at the Rubell Museum DC’s location at 65 I St SW. Admission is free for DC residents. 

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