Bianca Kersellius. Courtesy of Bianca Kersellius

By Donna Purchase

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Bianca Kersellius, a previous scholarship winner of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s (SWNA) Education and Scholarship Task Force program. We wanted to know: where she is now?  One answer to that question is that she continues to be a valued SWNA volunteer!  And now for the rest of her story. 

While working as an intern for Vyllorya Evans, Chair of the Education and Scholarship Task Force, Kersellius helped to raise more than $20,000 for the SWNA Scholarship Fund through donation letters and promotions. In that capacity, she worked to increase the donor base and also worked on student interviews and the annual awards program. Evans encouraged her to apply for a scholarship and her strong application was approved.

Kersellius graduated from Penn State University in 2016 with a major in communication. She said the much-appreciated scholarship gave her a cushion for books and supplies and allowed her to have peace of mind with reduced financial obligations.

After graduation, Kersellius returned to DC and worked at a recruiting agency and later at jobs in the hospitality industry. She worked at the World Bank as an event coordinator.  Those experiences led her to want to own her own business. She worked as an event coordinator at AT&T and they paid for her hospitality certification.  

Inspired by her passion for event planning and using her skill set for organization and time management, Kersellius invested her savings to launch her business. She designed her website, business cards and more and Kersellius Kreations was born. Today, Bianca Kersellius is a certified international event and wedding professional who excels in strategic event planning and hospitality practices. Vibrant, resilient, and creative, she works with various industries, such as nonprofits, corporations, entertainment, and collegiate sports. 

The business has grown since launching in 2020, and Kersellius Kreation’s portfolio consists of producing amazing wedding events. Not only has she planned and coordinated more than two dozen weddings, but she also onboarded an intern for whom she is truly grateful. In addition to her event planning background, Kersellius has obtained a number of certifications over the years to propel her career as a dynamic event planner.

Looking for a way to support and inspire young students, Kersellius authored InDEBTed: Stories of Surviving Debt, Inequity and Obtaining Freedom. The book takes readers on a vivid journey unpacking the rigorous reality of the author’s life as a young Black woman in America with student loan debt. Kersellius holds nothing back; she speaks her truth and covers perspectives and opinions that are far from popular but are all the more necessary.  You can find InDEBTed on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Always interested in furthering her education, she joined a women’s networking group where she was mentored by a member who helped her through the publishing process. 

Kersellius continues to give back to SWNA.  Since 2015 she has been a dedicated volunteer.  She coordinated Southwest Strong’s two day event on Emergency & Safety Precautions. She coordinated a forum for DC council candidates and coordinated SWNA’s monthly community meetings. 

What does Kersellius say about the SWNA scholarship program?  “It’s not only a helpful resource but a wonderful opportunity to expand education and financial support. And it allows students to pursue their educational aspirations.” 

Kersellius sends a special message to current program participants: “make the most of these years through college and beyond – while striving to be intentional with your decision making.”

More information is available on her website, https://www.kerselliuskreations.

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