“Everything in Existence” is Exciting and Existential

Everything in Existence is an adventure from the known world into unknown possibilities. The exciting new show at ARTECHOUSE, until March 10, is the first North American solo exhibition for the internationally-acclaimed Italian artist studio fuse*. The 10-year retrospective features four installations by artists Mattia Carretti and Luca Camellini, who created these works with software that processes data derived […]

World Premiere of “Kleptocracy” is at Arena Stage; Exclusive Interview with Actor Elliott Bales

The collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of Putin in Russia and the examination of the United States’ relationship to Russia, then and now, converge in Kenneth Lin’s powerful drama “Kleptocracy.”   Going right to the heart of the greed and manipulation that is behind power, Arena Stage’s Artistic Director Molly Smith says that “Kleptocracy” is “the most […]

Exciting Year on the Horizon for Titanic Memorial

The Friends of Titanic Memorial Park (the Friends) look forward to its calendar of events and projects for 2019. The Friends were co-founded in the fall of 2017 by Corinne Irwin and Donna Hanousek in affiliation with the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly. They have a five-year formal agreement with the National Park Serivce (NPS) and assist […]

The Long Conversation brings Hope & Inspiration to SW

When you think about the future, both individually and as a species, are you hopeful? Certainly, that answer varies depending on whether you’re more of a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty type of person. If I consider a typical week, there are many instances I can think of that could easily trigger a negative outlook of […]

Share your Heart at Hirshhorn’s Pulse Exhibit

The Hirshhorn Museum invites everyone to take part in creating a colossal work of art. All you have to bring are your hands and your heart. The immersive environments in each of three galleries of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse series are equipped with heart-rate sensors to create kinetic and audiovisual experiences from visitors’ biometric data.  Pulse Index (2010) is a […]