Southwest DC’s Floating Homes Open to Visitors

The redevelopment of the Southwest Waterfront is well underway, bringing lots of changes to the neighborhood… but Southwest’s live-aboard boats continue to float contentedly on the Washington Channel amid the noise and cranes. And this October 10, the community will hold its fourth home tour and welcome visitors to experience life on the water! Historically, […]

Jenny’s Prepares for Big Move

Effective Sept. 29, 2014, Jenny’s Asian Fusion will be closed to prepare for its move to 650 Water St. SW (previously the Channel Inn). We make this bittersweet announcement with both sadness and excitement as we say goodbye to our current location but hope to begin the new chapter of Jenny’s on Southwest’s waterfront soon. Stay tuned […]

Whistler’s Works at the Sackler

As the Southwest Wharf undergoes a major re-development, it is interesting to view another time and place when a capital city on a river underwent dramatic change. Some of the scenes in at the Sackler An American in London: Whistler and the Thames  are of 19th century city riverbanks that could well have been Southwest Washington […]

OPED: On an Authentic Waterfront

Little by little, day by day, the old Southwest Waterfront is slipping away. It should have been obvious that a $2 billion development project doesn’t fall from the sky without hitting a few treasures along the way. Still, we managed to be surprised – by the bulldozed trees on Seventh Street Landing, by the construction […]

PN Hoffman to Develop 600 Water Street at Waterfront Park

PN Hoffman (PNH), a developer of urban mixed-use properties and communities across the Washington metropolitan area, recently announced its plans to redevelop the St Augustine’s Church site in Southwest next to The Wharf project providing a new Church facing Maine Ave. and an adjoining condominium building of 108 units. Across from Arena Stage, the newly […]