Earlier this year the District went through a ward redistricting process, necessitated by the Census taken April 2010. Now, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) and Single Member Districts (SMDs) will be redistricted as well.  

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has appointed a task force to develop and submit a report to the DC Council by the Sept. 30 deadline. The report will contain recommendations for the adjustment of the boundaries of Ward 6  ANCs and SMDs, as well as any other recommendations with respect to the operation of ANCs the task force feels are appropriate. The task force will conduct ten public meetings from July 11 through Aug. 22, including five ANC meetings (one in each of the four current Ward 6 ANCs and one in ANC 2C, much of which will now be in Ward 6).

ANC 6D’s meeting was held on Thursday, July 28. The first draft of the new boundaries is scheduled to be distributed to the ANCs on Aug. 18, with a final draft to scheduled to go to Wells on Sept. 26.  

To remain updated on the process visit the Ward 6 ANC Redistricting Task Force’s official blog at w6tf.blogspot.com.

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