Southwest resident Deborah Martin joined the Washington Nationals gameday staff in 2007. Photo courtesy of the Washington Nationals.

For some, Nationals Park is more than a place to enjoy a great game of baseball. To longtime Southwest resident Deborah Martin, the ballpark serves as a place from which to view the sights of the city.

“Nationals Park is so beautiful at night,” Martin said. “If you’re standing on the second and third levels, you can look out into the city and see the lights. It’s a very beautiful thing to see.”

Since joining the Washington Nationals gameday staff in 2007, Martin, who works as a ticket taker, describes her experience as an employee in glowing terms.

“I love it,” she said. “I love my supervisor and the people I work with. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”

Though Martin likes working with all Nationals fans, there is a particular group of fans she enjoys working with most.

“My job is most fulfilling when I work with fans who have physical disabilities,” she said. “I really enjoy doing whatever it takes to make their gameday experience better.”

A 20-year resident of Southwest, D.C., Martin doesn’t hesitate to share her thoughts on the Nationals’ place in the community.

“Jobs were created because of Nationals Park being built here,” Martin said. “Above anything else, those are the kind of opportunities people around here needed more of. In fact, a few of my neighbors also work here at the ballpark. Little things like that help bring people closer together.”

The Nationals also provide family-friendly entertainment which, according to Martin, is greatly needed in this community.

“Families now have something they can do together,” Martin added. “If they want to go to a baseball game, the park is right here. You can purchase tickets for $5, pack a lunch and take your family out for a nice evening.”

Overall, the native Washingtonian thinks the ballpark can only help improve her neighborhood.

“We have more people now visiting Southwest,” she said. “People are now asking us about places they can hang out and have a good time after a ball game. Also, more businesses have started moving into the neighborhood, which is helping build up the area. It’s a good thing for the community.”

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