Principal Izabela Miller greets students outside Amidon-Bowen on the first day of classes. Photo by Perry Klein.

Students and parents filled Amidon-Bowen on August 22 to begin the 2011-2012 school year. Currently nearly 300 students are enrolled in the school, compared to last year’s enrollment of 265. In fact there is a waiting list for students in the pre-school and pre-kindergarten classes.

Members of the community including Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D Commissioners; Southwest Neighborhood Assembly Officers; members of Christ United Methodist Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church; Metropolitan Police First District with McGruff, the Crime Fighting Dog; Joint Base Meyer-Henderson Hall; Screech, the mascot of the Nationals; and the Graduate School welcomed parents and students as they entered the building.

Potbelly and Safeway provided breakfast for faculty members, staff members, parents and volunteers. This is the third year ANC 6D Commissioner Ron McBee has organized the breakfast and provided a special welcome on the front steps of the school for students and parents. This year was special because new Principal Izabela Miller and Vice Principal Dwayne Ham, along with 26 new faculty and staff members were also experiencing their first day at Amidon-Bowen.

Miller expressed her belief that Amidon Bowen will become a true “community school” with support from all parts of the community. She led staff members, students, their parents and the community members in the following pledge.

“I promise to do my best. I am expected to keep the peace. I will respect the adults who teach me and the learning that takes place here. My future is bright, high hopes are mine, I will do what is right.”

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