By Meg Brinckman

Amidon Bowen fifth grade students take a look at the pins on a military jacket and learn what they mean during a trip to the U. S. Army’s Spirit of America show in September. Photo by Meg Brinckman

“Back to School Night” on Sept. 6 gave parents an opportunity to visit classrooms in a relaxed “Open House” atmosphere. Many expressed the opinion that it was easier to accommodate the many different schedules of working parents. As they entered the school snacks were available and parents could choose from a selection of backpacks that
had been donated by COSTCO Wholesalers, The Department of Transportation and by the owners and residents of Harbour Square Co-op. Harbour Square also purchased uniforms so that all students can wear the gray and blue of the school. Parents are urged to get in touch with school office if they are still in need of backpacks or school uniforms.

Another feature of the “Back to School” event was the presence of the “Early Stages”, the DCPS program for children 3 to 5 years old. A representative was on hand to acquaint parents with the need to identify developmental delays in children and the availability of services to help every child learn when they enter school. Parents can ask for their child to be evaluated and for a Family Care Coordinator to be assigned who will act as a mentor through the process and when the child enters the school system. The Center can be contacted at 202-698-8037 or on the website at

On Sept. 9, Ms. Hugee’s and Ms. Worthington’s fifth grades attended the U.S. Army’s Spirit of America, a patriotic live-action show at the Verizon Center. The show captures 236 years of military history through the telling of true
soldier’s stories and the presentation of music by the Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, the Army Drill Team and other musical organizations including the popular Downrange and Army Blues. Joint Base Ft. Myer-Henderson Hall provided tickets and transportation.

The second grade classes of Ms. Oberski and Ms. Wall headed to the fire station on 425 Sixth St., SW on Sept. 28. Classes got a tour of the station and learned about what good citizens do for our community. In October the third grade classes will visit the Japanese Embassy. They visited the Bureau of Engraving in September.

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