July 19, 2012, 7-7:45 P.M., Riverside Condominium

Participants: Lt. Nicholas Gallucci and Sgt. Michael Architzel of PSA 105; Naomi Monk and Irv Gamza, PSA 105 meeting coordinators/facilitators and John McGrath, recorder. A total of 20 persons were in attendance.

1. Lt. Gallucci reviewed the June 2012 and year-to-date statistics for PSA 105. Violent and non-violent crime continues to trend lower with the exception of Theft from Auto. Lt. Gallucci stated that the perpetrators of Theft from Auto appear to be juveniles. The following other crimes were discussed:

— In June 2012 there were three attempted robberies in PSA 105. The perpetrators were juveniles—13 to 17 years old. In two instances, the juveniles were armed with a handgun; in another a knife was displayed. The three victims of these attempted robberies (one male and two females) refused to give up their property and the juveniles fled the scene. The police have been able to identify these juveniles who live in our Southwest neighborhood but no arrests have occurred to date due to the inability of witnesses to identify perpetrators. Police caution community members about walking alone at night. Walking with or close to others is advised. Also, although no violence occurred in these three cases, resisting a robbery attempt is not advised.

— Early morning, Sunday, July 15, 2012, at 6th and Water St. SW, an argument between parties leaving a tour boat led to the exchange of random gunfire with no victim apparently struck. Subsequently, a police dog scented blood on 6th St. SW between M St. and Water St. and the street was closed to traffic.

— Early morning, Monday, July 16, 2012, a resident of the 200 Block of M Street, SW was awakened by a home invasion/burglary. A window was broken and a laptop computer taken. The home alarm was not activated. The townhouse gate was not locked and a cobblestone taken from the townhouse garden was used to break the window. Police caution all community members to not leave property or valuables in plain sight in a residence or vehicle. Townhouse doors should be locked and alarms in use.

2. National Night Out, an annual citywide police/security awareness event, is scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The First Police District will sponsor an event at J.O. Wilson School, 6th St. near K St. NE. An event in PSA 105 is being planned. A summer Southwest neighborhood event is scheduled for Saturday, August 25, 2012, at Lansburgh Park, located behind the ID Headquarters, 101 M St. SW. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided.

3. The PSA 105 meeting was adjourned early due to a reported shooting (later identified as a stabbing) in the unit block of Q St. SW to which Lt. Gallucci and Sgt. Architzel responded.

4. Because National Night Out is celebrated the first Tuesday of each August, there will be no PSA 105 meeting in August.

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 20, 2012. Location to be announced.

PSA 105 is part of the Metropolitan Police Department’s First District, which can be contacted by phone at (202) 698-0555.  For more information visit the First District Station at 101 M St. SW or mpdc.dc.gov.

By John McGrath

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