Terrence Williams, winner of the Friends of Southwest DC’s (FOS) $1,500 scholarship in 2011.

Terrence Williams, winner of the Friends of Southwest DC’s (FOS) $1,500 scholarship in 2011, completed a busy freshman year at Delaware State University in Dover and looks forward to continuing toward his goal of a career in sports management. A graduate of Bell Multicultural High School, Williams, 19, grew up here in Southwest and attended Amidon and Jefferson.

The scholarship, funded by FOS and awarded annually through the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Scholarship Fund, is one of several presented by SWNA.

At college, Williams took the required English and history, continued his study of Spanish, and aced his physics course. He included an algebra course since he likes working with numbers and, in fact, had once considered an accounting career.

The University Seminar was a practical course which included resume preparation and mock interviews. Digging into his major, he had a practicum in sports management requiring community service, which he fulfilled by managing the university’s volleyball team. He had the opportunity to attend a sports management conference where he could discuss the field with professionals, and at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis he was able to talk with players. He played intramural basketball and football. Other sports he enjoys include baseball, golf and swimming.

Friends of Southwest DC and The Southwester wish Williams well as he continues his college studies. Tax deductible donations to FOS may be sent at any time to 389 O St. SW.

By Joyce Bouvier

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