Election 2012 is approaching. Will you be on the ballot on November 6th? If so, The Southwester would like to hear from you. As part of the October issue, The Southwester will be publishing candidate statements for all the races which will appear on the ballot in our area – this includes the contests for At-Large Member of the District of Columbia Council, At-Large Member of the State Board of Education and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, as well as a special election for Chairman of the District of Columbia Council, among others.

If you are a candidate for one of these offices (or any other position which will be on the November 6th ballot),The Southwester invites you to submit a candidate statement which includes the following:

– Your name
– The position you are seeking
– Why you are a good fit for this position (please do not refer to other candidates’ qualifications – this is about you)
– Where interested readers can get more information (website, phone contact information, etc.)

Please submit your statement by e-mail to the editor (editor@thesouthwester.com) by September 15th. If you have questions, contact the editor. Regardless of whether you are on the ballot, we hope you’ll remember to vote on November 6th!

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