Students ages 9 to 12 can learn in six Saturdays under the College for Kids Program that college is for them.

Professionals will explain college life to the students and arrange a visit to a college campus – all under the sponsorship of the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW) and the Youth Activities Task Force (YATF) of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly. Led by National Chair Dr. E. Faye Williams, a Southwest resident, NCBW is a nonprofit headquartered in SW which works to secure women’s rights, among other things.

The College for Kids Program is designed to develop an awareness of diverse career opportunities for today’s youth. Through presentations by professionals, the students will learn the nature, significance and qualifications for various professions, including meeting with various professionals. In addition, students will learn conflict resolution methods, attend cultural events, learn life skills and concepts and ways to take care of their health.

Parents with middle school children, ages 9-12, should register for the program by calling or emailing Thelma Jones at (202) 488-3746 or Seating is limited so register today!

By Thelma Jones, vice president of the SWNA Youth Activities Task Force and a veteran writer for The Southwester

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