October 18, 2012, 7-8:30 P.M., Potomac Place, 800 4th St. SW

Participants : Sgt. Michael Architzel (substituting for Lt. Nicholas Gallucci) and Officer Vogel, PSA 105; Sgt. Woodland (PSA 102 – in training); Naomi Monk and Irv Gamza, PSA 105 meeting coordinators/facilitators and John McGrath, recorder; Carolyn Smith, 1D Outreach; Carolyn Crank, Office of US Attorney; ANC Commissioners Ron McBee (6D03) and Roger Mofffatt (6D05); and Officer Chasten, Public Housing Police. A total of 25 persons were in attendance.

1. Sgt. Architzel reviewed the crime statistics for PSA 105 year-to-date through September 30, 2012 compared to 2011. Violent crime continues to trend downward. Property crime remains a problem, notably burglary (+29.4%, 44 versus 34) and theft from auto (+88.5%, 98 versus 52). Sgt. Architzel reported two recent arrests involving theft from auto which the police believe should reduce this kind of theft. Discussion followed about incidents of theft from auto across the whole of PSA 105 in recent months. A resident of Potomac Place reported the theft of a spare tire from her Jeep in off-street “terrace” parking. Sgt. Architzel suggested that the management of all condo, co-op and rental property in SW should issue recurring reminders to residents about not leaving property in parked vehicles.

2. Sgt. Architzel discussed strategies for avoiding home burglaries such as (a) don’t leave boxes from recent purchases (e.g., large screen TVs) in plain sight; (b) get to know your neighbors and ask them to watch your property when on extended vacation. Also, the use of bars on rear windows of homes and the use of alarms whether at home or away is prudent.

3. Neighbors in the vicinity of 6th/7th/G St., SW have observed adolescent children on bicycles removing package deliveries (UPS/Fed Ex) from homes or from the rear of delivery trucks. These thefts occurred during school hours. Sgt. Architzel promised to discuss this emerging problem with local school resource officers.

4. Sgt. Architzel stressed that PSA 105 has increased street patrols with emphasis on (a) the 1300/1400 blocks of Half St. SW; a follow-up meeting with the owner of Friendly’s Market was discussed; (b) 300 O St. SW based on recurring complaints about marijuana uses and sales; and (3) vicinity of 4thand N St. SW; a rock was thrown through a townhouse window in the 500 block of N St. SW (evening of 10/15/12) and other related vandalism. Sgt. Architzel also said that ticketing is being done for illegal left turns at 4th and M St. SW, but scofflaw behavior at this location is steady.

5. Carolyn Smith announced the Annual Halloween Haunted House at 1D Headquarters, 101 M St. SW (October 30-31, 2012). Carolyn Crank discussed a conference on crews and gangs in DC (Gov’t Printing Office, 11/11/12).

Next Meetings: November 15, 2012. 7-8:30 P.M., Harbour Square Co-Op, 500 N St. SW. No meeting for December 2012 due to proximity to the holidays. January 17, 2013, 7-8:30 P.M., Town Square Towers, 700 7thSt. SW.

By John McGrath


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