NSWDP Celebrates Volunteerism

On a beautiful spring Saturday in March, local residents and members of the Neighbors of Southwest Duck Pond (NSWDP) organization descended on Southwest’s favorite pond to clean and decorate the park in preparation for the turning on of the fountains and the naming their Volunteer of the Year. Blue skies and warm temperatures smiled on the […]

March Southwest Real Estate Update

Some months you just scratch your head, it seems very strange that the month over month stats of March 2012 versus 2013 are so similar.   Interest rates continue to remain low giving buyers and sellers confidence in the local market. Mar-13 Mar-12 % Change Sold Dollar Volume $3,449,177 $3,478,000 less than 1% Avg Sold Price […]

“Culture Navigators” and the Future of the Rubell Museum at the Randall School

History is not something in the past, it’s something we are making today. In the contemporary art world and in our Southwest neighborhood, Mera Rubell is making history now. My recent interview with Mera was not a question and answer session, but rather a conversation in which Mera shared her ideas about how to make […]

Doing Good: Coach Horse and April Hines

Editor’s Note: “Doing Good” is The Southwester’s newest monthly column. Have someone in mind who is making an impact in our community? Please send your articles to editor@thesouthwester.com. Helping others has always been very important to the Hines family. As a result of their passion and commitment, Ronald and April Hines have given their adult lives to […]