A Message from the PAWS of SW Dog Park Group

Breaking news: Dogs don’t have thumbs! They need help opening cans of dog food and turning round door handles. They also need help scooping up their poop.

Dog poop is not compostable, nor is it a fertilizer (In general poop from any carnivore is not effective as a fertilizer). No one wants to step in it either. Dog poop can harbor bacteria that can spread to wildlife, waterways, and even humans.

If you have a problem with touching warm poop or can’t stand the smell, or just don’t purchase bags, you can purchase a pooper scooper.  It may be cumbersome to carry around, but you won’t have to touch the poop. Cleaning up your dog’s poop not only shows others that you care about the neighborhood, but also helps to make the neighborhood a better place for all of us to enjoy.

Simply put: Dogs don’t have thumbs. It’s up to you pick up the poop.

PAWS of SW will be hosting “We Love Southwest Too – Please Pick Up Your Poo” – a dog poop clean up day on July 13th at 9am. We will be meeting at the duck pond. Everyone is encouraged to come out and help. We will pick up trash in addition to abandoned poo piles. Please see PawsofSW.org for more information.

By Kate Renner

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