The District Department of Transportation Urban Forestry Administration asked us all to water the newly planted street trees in Southwest and Southeast. DC planted them along the streets, and the trees have green plastic watering bags around them. Water can be added by pouring it in slits under the labels at the top of the green bags. The two trees on I St, near the Amidon school new play equipment had empty bags on July 8th, the evening of the meeting. Andy Litsky, chair of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D (ANC) announced the plea for water at the ANC meeting. He said to water them, “otherwise the trees are going to die a slow and painful death.”

Matt Stenboek, representing The Wharf development, announced that finial negotiations are going on with the equity partners for the Wharf development project. The project thinks that in 90 to 120 days, in November or December, they will have the final permits and the financing. The construction will take about 42 months.

The Fish Market will get a new street intersection, so they can continue operating during construction. Space will be found for Jenny’s restaurant and the Capitol Yacht Club, so they can continue operating. The Kastles tennis team will play through their season. The Channel Inn and Phillips will close a month before the financing is settled.

Clark Corporation has been chosen for the design build contract. Ron McBee said, “Clark has a record in our community that is not great. I go by a Clark employment office on 7th and Q St NW.  I would like you to ask them to have an office like that here.” He also asked about activities in the area of the Wharf. The planned activities will continue through the summer.

Kael Anderson, President of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, said the proposed Public Information Display in the Safeway window needs help from the ANC. “We have been talking about the project for two years and the District of Columbia Department of Transportation just sits on their hands.” Charles Allen, Chief of Staff for Tommy Wells, Ward 6 City Councilman, said to the commissioners, “Put together a resolution that clarifies the importance for the community.” Ron McBee said he would write it and Andy Litsky would sign it.

The people won another battle against a developer on June 27th, when the Historic Preservation Review Board voted unanimously to designate Town Center East as a historic landmark, as the ANC recommended last month. Town Center East consists of the two apartment buildings designed under the direction of I.M. Pei at M and 3rd St SW. They will be entered into the DC Inventory of Historic Places. The Board’s resolution includes the air and space between the buildings. The resolution will be forwarded to the National Register of Historic Places.

Kael Anderson and the developer met with the Historic Preservation Board. The board said that the original design of the new development was off-center and inconsistent with the surrounding properties. The developer will present again to the Historic Preservation Board in August. The hearings before the DC Inventory of Historic Sites and the Zoning Board will take place in September. The Planned Unit Development application may be heard by the ANC in September, also. Andy Litsky said, “We will be looking at it with new eyes, since the buildings have historic designation.”

Rhonda Hamilton will write a letter to the DC Department of Transportation about tour bus traffic on residential streets in Southwest. The Department of Transportation agreed to post signs when the ballpark was proposed, but they have not followed through. The Commission voted unanimously to send such a letter.

The architect for a proposed 13-story apartment building at 82 I St SE proposed a curb cut for the building at the northeast corner of the building. The land was originally granted to the railroad, when the railroad was developed. They have the right to build to the street line, but the first and second floors of the apartment building will be set back 12 feet, for sidewalks and trees.  However the third floor and above are planned to overhang six feet beyond the first two floors. The building will have two levels of underground parking. They are hoping to have retail on the first floor.

Roger Moffatt thought that the overhang would cut down on the view of the Capitol along New Jersey Ave, and narrow the street objectionably. Gene Solon agreed with him and thanked Roger for pointing that out. The board voted five to one to recommend the curb cut, with the addition to the motion by Ron McBee that the developer work with the DC Department of Transportation to put signage on the right of way warning motorists of the entrance to the building

Ron McBee also asked the Commission to support a letter to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation to support the Southwest Community Day at Lansburgh park on August 24th, just before school starts. The Nationals team will provide hot dogs and hamburgers, and there will be a moon bounce and other games. Music will be acoustic and not amplified. Coralie Farlee, President of Friends of the Southwest DC said her organization will provide support for the event. The whole community is invited, including former residents. The Commission decided to support the event.

The commission also voted to support the liquor license for the Presidential Yacht Sequoia, given its settlement agreement, even though it may be moving. Cara Shockley presented the findings of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Also, the ANC voted to support the liquor license for a new restaurant, Aqua 301, at 301 Water St SE. They agreed to the standard settlement agreement, with the addition of permission to have a roving Mariachi band in their outside eating area until 10 PM on May 5th. This will be a couple of guitars and a singer.

The commission voted to oppose the issuance of a license to the Hill Country to operate at 101 Tingey St SE, on the basis of peace, order, and quiet and because the restaurant had not communicated with the DC Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Ed Kaminski introduced an amendment to the motion to support the liquor license for the Skyline hotel. The amendment said the establishment agreed to provide the labor for sound monitoring, including in the residence of anyone objecting to the sound level, and adjust the sound level to legal limits. The Commission supported the amendment and supported their license application, provided they conform to recent settlement agreements and keep 30 days of video recording of their loading dock and doors, not just the 14 days they have been keeping and that they proposed.

The Commission voted to support the application for the Park Tavern, which is renting the building at Canal Park, to serve alcohol to those seated on their rooftop. They also serve to customers inside and outside the building.

Race plans were approved for the National Race to End Women’s Cancer on November 3rd, SOME’s Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger on November 28th, and the Children’s Hospital Race for Every Child on October 5th.

Andy Lisky asked the representative for City Councilman Tommy Wells to make sure the police follow up on the gun battle that took place by the Southwest Library on July 7th, 2013. No one was injured, but two cars were damaged.

The next ANC 6D meeting will be September 9th at 1100 4th St SW at 7:00PM.

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