Jess Torres

Name? Jess Torres

Where did you move from? The Bronx by way of Astoria, NY.

When did you move here? Just a few days ago!

What is your first impression of Southwest? I was dodging puddles through the rain a few grey afternoons ago when I stumbled over two beautiful green and blue bracelets. I laughed to myself and thought, my baby sister would be so into these. If you can fall in love with a place in the rain, finding some beautiful reminders to smile to yourself, imagine just how great the sunlight must feel when you wake up in the morning?

What are you looking forward to most after moving here? I’d like to call Southwest home, get involved in the community, and get a library card! According to the NY Public Library, I’ve owed them $20 for the past 15 years. Time to start fresh, right?

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