Dear Mayor Bowser,

I am very concerned with the recent announcement of the decision to park commercial buses on Buzzard Point. Commercial tour buses and construction vehicles already overburden the Southwest community. I do not believe the neighborhoods can absorb additional bus traffic.

Neighborhood streets are already at capacity with construction traffic for the many projects underway, including The Wharf (phase 1) on Maine Ave. SW, Waterfront Station (phase 3) on 4th St. SW, 525 Water St. SW, demolition of the former Southeastern University at 5011 St. SW, and the Museum of the Bible at 300 D St. SW. Further, impending demolition for the new soccer stadium and the Frederick Douglas Bridge replacement will expand construction vehicle demands. In addition to the congestion of construction vehicles, commercial tour buses already regularly park on Maine Ave. SW.

This combination of heavy commercial traffic seriously impacts pedestrian safety and the quality of life in Southwest.

Adding commercial bus parking to Buzzard Point will undoubtedly create additional pressures within these vibrant residential neighborhoods and negatively impact the community.

I have not received any communication from the Department of Transportation regarding a plan to handle this additional commercial bus traffic or how the buses would be prohibited from the surrounding neighborhood streets—a necessity, as commercial buses are incompatible with a safe and walkable community. The current lack of coordination with the existing construction and commercial bus traffic has prompted the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC6D), the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, and my office to coordinate a conversation with DDOT to discuss the existing problems and to identify soiutions. Adding commercial tour bus parking in Buzzard Point is too much of a burden to ask of the Southwest community. I strongly urge reconsideration of this decision.


Charles Allen

Councilmember, Ward 6

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