Photo caption: “The Flies” pose in the Capitol Skyline Hotel lounge before their performance. The group is from Fluid Movement’s Goldblum Water Ballet of Baltimore.
Photo caption:”Intergalacticon” pose on the pool deck.
Photo caption:”The Flies” performing. The judges voted them the Best Visual Spectacle.
Photo caption: “DCFit-tastics” perform their Flamingo Fantasy.
Photo caption: Intergalacticon group performing with one of the alien suns. Their formations represented rocket launches, astronauts, starships, alien suns, and shiny metallic spacesuits. They were voted the Crowd Favorite.
Photos courtesy of Perry Klein.
August 15 was the annual SynchroSwim event in Southwest at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. SynchroSwim 2015 is the Washington Project for the Arts’ (WPA’s) fifth annual synchronized swimming performance art competition. Whereas traditional synchronized swimming involves athleticism and grace, WPA’s SynchroSwim applauds creativity, enthusiasm, and a little absurdity. This year, eight teams competed for the titles of “Best Execution” (best technique, physicality, and attempts at actual synchronization), “Best Visual Spectacle” (best costumes, props, and overall creativity and artistic concept), and “Crowd Favorite” (determined by the audience).
Judges were Melissa Chiu (new director of the Hirshhorn Museum), Lauren Landau (host of WAMU’s Art Beat), and Doug Yeuell (director of the Atlas Performing Arts Center).

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