Drs. Dan Jones and Leslie-Anne Fitzpatrick have opened their new dental offices, Smile Beautiful Dental, at Waterfront Station (1101 4th St. SW), filling one of the last available spaces. Longtime residents may remember Dr. Jones’s father, Dr. Paul Jones, but everyone knows the tooth-shaped bike parking space at the corner of 4th and I St SW in front of his dental office.

After six months of construction, the new site opened on April 4. The size of the office has expanded significantly from four treatment rooms to nine. The office is spacious and bright; it has all new, state-of-the-art equipment and includes a kids area.

“We are overjoyed about having this new location, and how it will help us achieve our goal of providing the best dental care to our patients in the most stress-free way possible,” said Dr. Jones.

For an appointment, call (202) 554-5011, or visit their website at http://smilebeautifuldental.com. Or, just stop in and say hi.

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