World Premiere of “Kleptocracy” is at Arena Stage; Exclusive Interview with Actor Elliott Bales

The collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of Putin in Russia and the examination of the United States’ relationship to Russia, then and now, converge in Kenneth Lin’s powerful drama “Kleptocracy.”   Going right to the heart of the greed and manipulation that is behind power, Arena Stage’s Artistic Director Molly Smith says that “Kleptocracy” is “the most […]

Why Amidon-Bowen?

As deadlines approach for DC’s School lottery, many Southwest families are considering whether to send their child to Amidon-Bowen Elementary School (ABES), or elsewhere. Any families considering ABES or other DC public or charter schools must enroll in the lottery by March 1 through “The Southwester” interviewed the Co-Presidents of the PTA at ABES, […]

Transportation Task Force Revs Up

In Nov. 2018, the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) renewed its commitment to all activities concerning transportation with the rejuvenation of the Transportation Task Force (TTF). Co-chaired by Bruce Levine and Adom M. Cooper, the task force is comprised of the following members: Lexie Albe, Katelynd Mahoney Anderson, Stacy Baker, Kathik Balasubramanian, Andrew Bossi, Victoria Stewart, […]