By Una Yarsky

The longest ice cream sundae ever made in DC; Photo by Author

On Sunday, July 21, Navy Yard’s Ice Cream Jubilee set the city record for the longest ice cream sundae ever made. In honor of National Ice Cream Day, Jubilee employees created a 100-foot sundae that stretched across Yards Park’s newly refurbished sundeck. Jubilee sold 200 tickets to the event, with prices ranging from free to $6. Each guest received two scoops of Jubilee’s signature flavors, including Bold Vanilla, Fresh Minty Chip and Honey Lemon Lavender. Visitors also had a chance to decorate their own sundae with a variety of toppings. Although the temperature reached nearly 100 degrees, the event was still crowded with DC residents trying to find an escape from the heat and celebrate both the annual National Ice Cream day and the weekly “Sundae Sunday.”

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