By Ramsey Poston

Getting news and information about The Wharf just got a lot easier with the launch of  

The new site provides in-depth information about where to eat, drink, play, and live at The Wharf. There are reviews about restaurants, articles about happy hours and special events, and helpful hints about getting around. For example, Wharf Life provides good information about how to best get to the Wharf: Hint, they are not advocates of driving. 

The organizers of Wharf Life DC realized the need for an independent source of information for new and returning visitors, thus Wharf Life DC was born! Specifically, the site was launched to increase awareness about the merchants, their employees, and their products—year round. 

The platform is positive and upbeat. Their role, as they see it, is to provide accurate information about the Wharf neighborhood while having some fun.

The most popular recurring posts are the weekly music schedule, calendar of free events, and sales and deals of the week. The free events and sales posts are really useful because there’s often a misperception that everything at the Wharf is very expensive and commercial, yet there are lots of free events and shopping deals. 

For example, Union Stage, Pearl Street Warehouse, and the Wharf host free concerts almost every week. You can also get a falafel and some of the best vegan French fries you will find anywhere at Falafel Inc. for $6. Captain White Seafood City and Jessie Taylor Seafood provide great deals on cooked and fresh seafood.

Most of the merchants and retailers are small businesses or family owned, such as Toastique, Velo Cafe, Diament Jewelry, A Beautiful Closet and SW Soda Pop Shop. They might not get The Washington Post or City Paper treatment but they will be featured in Wharf Life DC and its social media pages. 

Wharf Life DC is entirely written and edited by people who live at The Wharf. They’ve eaten at every restaurant, had drinks at every bar, are regulars at the music venues and do their shopping at The Wharf.  As a result, the team knows the bartenders, servers, chefs, shop owners, security guards and parking attendants. Who better to get info about the Wharf than from them?

Wharf Life’s home is at and you can follow Wharf Life DC on Facebook @WharfLifeDC, Instagram @WharfLifeDC, and Twitter @WharfLifeDC.

Ramsey Poston is the owner and editor-in-chief of Wharf Life DC.

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