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In November, Amidon-Bowen Elementary school received a considerable donation of IT equipment from Hoffman & Associates. 

Hoffman & Associates stated that it is excited to continue to create spaces and add to the Southwest community, including a recent project, the public/private Waterfront Station, which neighbors the well-known Amidon-Bowen Elementary school. The future development was awarded to Hoffman & Associates in March 2016 and incorporates various community initiatives. 

Following an evaluation of community needs and community meetings, Hoffman & Associates along with Amidon-Bowen’s PTA and leadership identified the priority for increased access to online learning tools in the form of computers and computer accessories. The computers and tech accessories will allow students to take full advantage of highly-rated and publicly funded online teaching services allotted to the school. It should also allow each student to meet the recommended hours on Zearn, a top-rated k-5 online curriculum and classroom model.

Monty Hoffman, founder and CEO of Hoffman & Associates had this to say about the donation:

“For more than a decade Hoffman & Associates has had the pleasure of working and operating within the Southwest community. As we build The Wharf and now Waterfront Station, our team continues to find ways to deepen our commitment to this community that has truly become part of our company’s DNA. With this donation to our neighbors at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School we are hoping to provide students and faculty with the tools they need to succeed.”

In total, the donation is worth $75,000 in IT equipment, with 80 Dell Laptop computers, to support 2nd-5th grade and 20 iPad Tablets, to support PreK-1st grade, along with printers, projectors, and other support accessories. The items will be mobile and available for all students, allowing for small group instruction as well as independent study and will be delivered to the school by Nov. 16.

Without this donation Amidon-Bowen would not have the necessary access to learning platforms such as Zearn. Programs such as these require a certain time allotment for each student to achieve the optimal educational results. The school’s current number of computers did not allow for each student to get enough time on these beneficial programs, however, with the new equipment each student will have access and the ability to fulfill the hours needed with the online math and reading applications.

“We are grateful to Hoffman & Associates for this generous donation, and to the Amidon-Bowen PTA for working closely with Hoffman throughout this process. This donation will greatly improve the technology available to our students. It is great to see the community coming together around our neighborhood elementary school,” said Principal TaMikka Sykes.

Let the learning begin!

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