By Kitty Felde

Writer Jenny Colgan loves books and loves reading. Books can change your life, she says, “always for the better.” In her novel The Bookshop on the Corner, she makes a massive list of her favorite places to read:

The Bath. “Paperbacks are ideal,” she says, though she admits using her nose to turn the pages of an e-reader

Walking Down the Street. This can be dangerous, since everybody else is walking down the street reading their phone.

Stolen Time. Leave the house early to sneak in a few pages sitting in the car waiting for school to let out or waiting in the dentist’s office.

Colgan argues that there’s a correlation between the perfect place to read and the act of reading itself. Which brings us to our reluctant readers. Do they have a favorite place? A fort under the blankets? A tree in the backyard? A cardboard box? Or just an overstuffed armchair where one can practically disappear behind the covers of a book?  If your reader doesn’t have a place of their own, create one! All you really need is a quiet place with good lighting and no devices (unless there’s a book on your Nook or Kindle app on there…)

Kitty Felde is host of the Book Club for Kids podcast and author of The Fina Mendoza Mysteries. Welcome to Washington Fina Mendoza comes out in English and Spanish in July, 2023.

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