By Donna Purchase

The Southwest Neighborhood Assembly is pleased to announce that Ben Curran has been elected to the Board of Directors.  For the past few years, Curran has co-chaired the SWNA Environmental Task Force (SW Strong).

Curran completed 34 years of work in the national and international emergency management arena, serving chiefly in the public-private partnership arena.  His work in Southwest has demonstrated strong leadership skills that he will contribute to the Board of Directors.

Curran continues to engage at the local grassroots level in building community resilience, promoting disaster preparedness and community organizing.  He has a BA in History and a MS in Community Economic Development. He currently serves as Vice President of DC Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, and he is a Washington DC representative to the International Association of Emergency Managers. He has received numerous awards including two DC Mayor’s Awards for Disaster Preparedness.

In his new role, Curran will work with other board members to help SWNA grow and provide new and innovative programming and information to the Southwest community.

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