Op-Ed: Looking Ahead—School Report Cards

Across Ward 6, the back-to-school excitement has started to fade into the background as fall approaches. Students have settled into their routines, fall sports and music programs have begun, and students are engaged in their classes. In the coming weeks, we’ll be celebrating Halloween at the Duck Pond and at Fall Festivals across the Ward. […]

New Look for SWNA

The Southwest Neighborhood Assembly Board of Directors is pleased to unveil the new look of SWNA. While our old logo served us well for several years, we decided to give our logo a refresh. This effort follows the rebranding of our newspaper, “The Southwester,” which occurred last year. In the process of choosing a new […]

Op-Ed: No Progress on Greenleaf Redevelopment?

The fate of Greenleaf residents and of public housing overall is a persistent concern to all residents of Southwest, reflecting the Southwest Small Area Plan’s vision for the community to remain “an exemplary model of equity and inclusion, …a diversity of races, ages and income levels.” As Greenleaf residents’ anxiety mounts about their own prospects […]

Get to Know the New “Southwester” Staff

Last month, the keys to “The Southwester” were handed off to a new Editor-in-Chief, Katelynd Mahoney Anderson, and Copy Editor, Mike Goodman. They are excited to continue the great work of the former Editor-in-Chief, Shannon Vaughn, and Copy Editor, Julia Cole. Katelynd is a fundraising professional in the non-profit industry and is involved in a […]

Register for the SW Holiday Toy Giveaway

The Southwest Comm-Unity Forum recently announced that registration is now open for their Annual “Toys for Tots” Holiday Toy Giveaway. Interested families should register ahead of time at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/southwest-comm-unity-forum-annual-toy-giveaway-tickets-50808394275. Toy pick-up will occur on Wednesday, Dec. 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Blind Whino, located at 700 Delaware Ave., SW. Recipients must […]

Get to Know Your ANC Candidates

On Nov. 6, DC residents will have the opportunity to vote for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners on the general election ballot. “The Southwester” reached out to every ANC candidate in ANC6D, and invited them to submit a brief statement about their candidacy. The statements of the responsive candidates are below. “Southwester” staff made no edits to […]