On Aug. 13, our neighbors and resident liveaboards at Gangplank Marina opened up their homes to the public to show what it’s like living on the water in our nation’s capitol. All 300 tickets were sold, and proceeds from the tour were donated to the Earth Conservation Corps and the Alice Ferguson Foundation. If you couldn’t make it to the tour, we hope you enjoy this photo tour. Hopefully, our neighbors will hold this event again next year!

The American Spirit, a 65-foot schooner, is a restored vessel now used by DC Sail as a floating classroom. Photo by Tiffany Klaff.
Mark Grabowsky served visitors lemonade in the galley of his housebarge, Speak Easy. Photo by Perry Klein.
Jason Kopp on the bridge of Argo, a 40-foot flybridge houseboat. Jason is President of the Gangplank Slipholders Association. Photo by Perry Klein.
Leny stands on Our Island’s rooftop garden. Photo by Perry Klein.
John Cox with daughters Galena and Raya on the Belle Maren, their 52-foot motor yacht. The family has lived on Gangplank for 6 years. Photo by Perry Klein.
Guests tour the Lion’s Paw, a 55-foot flush deck cabin cruiser made with beautiful mahogany, douglas fir and teak. The owners have docked at Gangplank Marina for 9 years and lived aboard for 4. Photo by Tiffany Klaff.
Roberta Warren, an employee of MSI, aboard the Freedom. This is one of MSI’s 14 boats, which are used as offices, docked at Gangplank Marina. Photo by Perry Klein.
Travis Johnson at the wheel of the Alt Angler. Photo by Perry Klein.
Judi Sutter (left) and Jo Chang alongside Shaolong, a converted tugboat. “Shaolong” means Little Dragon. Photo by Perry Klein.
Sarah Harmon, a 5-year resident, on the bridge of Southern Living. Photo by Perry Klein.
Sarah Harmon’s Collie, Dylan, likes to retrieve his life vest and bring it back to his raft. Photo by Perry Klein.

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