St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church kicked off a new season of the Art and Spirit Coffeehouse on Wednesday, Oct. 5. The
evening at 600 M St. SW features songs with the theme “The Four Seasons,” coffee and desserts, and a chance for the audience to ask questions.

Joyce Bouvier, St. Augustine’s pianist, was the guest artist for the evening. The program included such timeless and new classics as, “Summer

Joyce Bouvier, St. Augustine’s pianist.
Time,” “Autumn Leaves,” “Winter Wonderland” and a very special rendition of “Cherry Blossom Time.”

“The program has nothing to do with the 18th century’s Antonio Vivaldi or his famous violin composition ‘The Four Seasons,’ but I am grateful to him for my program title and the concept of representing the seasons with music,”
said Bouvier.

Bouvier was formerly a soloist in several area churches and frequently performs both classical and popular music with the Southwest Chamber Players.

St. Augustine’s Art and Sprint Coffeehouse is free and opens on the first Wednesday of the month to showcase artists in their various media as they perform and share how their faith, art and social worldview intersect.

For further inquires, please call St. Augustine’s Joyce Bouvier, St. Augustine’s pianist. Episcopal Church at 202-554-3222.

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