To Our Veterans
Then: My First Veterans, my Brothers
They looked so good in their uniforms
We begged them to take us for a walk
After we finished showing them off
We begged them to sit and talk
With each story they told us
Great heroes were all we could see
Of these our beloved brothers
We were as proud as we could be
Now: This is how it was years ago
And it is much the same today
We are still glad you came home safely
We pray God keeps you that way
We offer our sincere appreciation
For all that you have done
You are our forever heroes
And we love you everyone
When you were called to risk life and limb
On any domestic or foreign shore
You showed the greatest love of all
When on short notice, you just packed up
to go
You put great stock in your assigned duty
You did not pause or hesitate
But with shoulders straight and hearts so
You marched proudly up to the plate
Thank you, our beloved veterans
For answering our country’s call
No one is more precious than you
We love you one and all
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
God Bless You Always
By Margaret Oliver, Southwest poet
and River Park resident

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