By John McGrath

Meeting held: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Participants: Lt Gallucci and Sgt. Architzel, PSA 105; Naomi Monk and Irv Gamza, PSA 105 meeting coordinators/facilitators; ANC Commissioner Andy Litsky; Officer Chasten, Public Housing Police (PHP).

Lt. Gallucci reviewed the crime statistics for PSA 105 for the last 30 days (-33% overall) and year-to-date (-9%). He cited examples of police work such as the arrest of a single robbery suspect that resulted in a significant decrease in robbery incidents for the last 30 days. An individual alleged to have vandalized townhomes along G St., SW is being monitored as a potential suspect in local burglaries.

Officer Chasten, PHP, reported a drug-related arrest at Greenleaf Seniors Building and increased internal security in response to complaints from residents.

Reactivation of the juvenile unit in PSA 105 has produced dividends in reducing juvenile-related crime. Lt. Gallucci reported that he has met with the principal at Amidon-Bowen Elemtary School regarding conflicts between school-age children and older teenagers and adults who want to use the basketball courts. Police are also investigating reported marijuana use after hours at Amidon-Bowen. Curfew and school truant enforcement units are separate from routine police patrols in PSA 105.

Commander Hickson of the First Police District is arranging for temporary added police support for events in Southwest including the Cherry Blossom Festival, fireworks events and road-races.

Traffic enforcement at Fourth and M streets, SW (illegal left turns onto M St. and violation of the right turn signal from M St. onto Fourth St.) is ongoing and traffic tickets are being issued.

An MPD sting of “fencing” operations of stolen electronic devices has been very successful. A stolen property registry is located on the MPD website for affected citizens.

When locking up your bike, you should remove the bike seat to discourage theft; also never leave any property in your car that can be seen.

A Harbour Square resident recommended that condo/coop/apartment managers and boards of directors should educate residents about ways of securing bikes to avoid theft, the risks of theft when walking with electronic devices and the danger of “jaywalking” at the in intersection of Fourth and M streets, SW.

To receive up-to-the-minute crime reports for the First Police District including PSA 105, send an email to and ask to be approved to subscribe to

There will be no PSA 105 meeting for April 2012 due to MPD commitments at the World Bank/IMF. The next meeting is scheduled for Thurs., May 17, 2012, 7-8:30 P.M. at Syphax Village Condominium, Community Room, 1322 Half St., SW.

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