The Dream Team is one of the teams representing Southwest. Photo by Dale MacIver.

Three-point basketball shots are amazing the crowd evenings at King-Greenleaf Recreation Center at Canal/First St. SW near M St. SW.

Three weeks of young adult basketball under the lights are filling July evenings.  Games start at 6 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9 p.m., each Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday through July 28.

The tournament is called “We Own the Night.” Six teams of Southwest

Southwest D.C. natives Alvin Hudgens and Ronald Hines. Photo by Dale MacIver.

men and one from another neighborhood are competing for trophies and bragging rights. The best players will be in citywide competition.

Standing room is available inside and outside the fence, and bleacher seats for several dozen fans make for busy community gatherings. The rec. center building itself is open until midnight with inside bleachers, washrooms and air conditioning.

Helping at the scoring table at the outdoor basketball games are Alvin Hudgens (former SW Club #4 Director), left, and Coach Ronald (Horse) Hines, both of whom grew up in SW.

–By Dale MacIver, editor emeritus of The Southwester

BMAD is one of the Southwest D.C. teams competing in the tournament. Photo by Dale MacIver.

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