The Friends of Lansburgh Park, Councilmember Wells’ Office and District agencies continue to work toward the revitalization of Lansburgh Park. The Department of General Services is on track (as of press time) to convert the abandoned tennis courts into basketball courts by the end of September. We are pleased that this will now include a partial electrification of Lansburgh Park such that we’ll have lights illuminating a significant portion of the park.

Another transformation of Lansburgh transpired on September 8. Dozens of George Washington University students descended on the park for a face lift. One group sanded and painted the rusting park furniture – light poles, pavilion and bollards. Another group canvassed the park to clean up trash and organic debris. A final group weeded, edged the sidewalks and pruned shrubs.

The cleanup was part of George Washington’s Freshmen Day of Service, during which over 2,300 students spruce up various sites throughout DC. This year was the first time in recent memory GWU came to Southwest. The effort was coordinated by ANC Commissioner Ron McBee and myself and facilitated by DPR, Councilmember Tommy Wells’ office and Mayor Gray’s Ward 6 rep Brittney Wright. The effort was boosted by Capitol Riverfront resident Bruce DarCante and particularly Gangplank manager J Nickerson. J donated wood chips, tools, a truck and his blood and sweat as he took a chainsaw to several horrendously overgrown shrubs.

Our luck ran out on September 10th, the last scheduled movie night of 2012. DPR had some technical difficulties running the equipment. Although DPR agreed to come out for a rescheduled night, it’s unclear if it will occur this year.

The Friends of Lansburgh Park continues to evaluate opportunities to improve and better utilize the park. One plan we’re exploring is integrating a mural on the forlorn brick walls. We welcome your support and feedback.

By Kael Anderson, President of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA).

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