YATF is gearing up for its fall Computer for Kids Program which has been in existence since October 2007, graduating approximately 70 youth between the ages 6-13. As in the past, students will learn computer application skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, the students will learn keyboarding, the function and parts of the computer and how to do internet searches. Students will also broaden their knowledge through teachable moments while learning and engaging in the importance of eating healthy, including during snack time at the computer class. Instructor Frank Fu is eagerly working to ensure that, beginning with this class, all graduating students will receive a refurbished computer within a couple weeks of completing the class.

Computer for Kids classes will start after the Columbus Day Weekend. Parents interested in enrolling their kids for this program should contact Thelma Jones at (202) 488-3746 or tjones15@verizon.net.

By Thelma Jones, vice president of the SWNA Youth Activities Task Force and a veteran writer for The Southwester

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